My Take on Security Cameras

There are so many home surveillance security cameras out there, right? It’s actually crazy how many there are, but if you’re searching for one whether it be for monitoring your kids or wanting to catch anyone that breaks into your home, I’d recommend the Mini O Home Surveillance Camera.

It’s small and definitely inexpensive. If you look at all of the Security Cameras out there they’re around $75-$100, sometimes even more. The Mini O Security Camera is only $29.99 and it has so many features just like all of the other Security Cameras.

It has two-way talk, so you can yell at your dog to stop peeing on the couch or tell your kids to eat the salad that you left in the fridge. It has night vision so if you are out of town and no one is home you can see if anyone is trying to intrude on your home. It also has an iCloud, which is free for the first month, that lets you record the surveillance for safekeeping or just to rewatch funny things people do.

I love this camera, and I can guarantee you will, too. It’s so small and portable you can put it anywhere. There are so many other features that I didn’t list, but those are my favorite components.

I hope everyone has a blessed day! Stay tuned for my next update.

Jasmine White

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